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Animation Demo

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Commercial Demo English

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Commercial Demo Spanish

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Jack in the Box "99 Tacos" Commercial in Spanish

99 Tacos

Jack In The Box Commercial

“Elia has a cultural universe inside forever expanding. She is a very well-trained actress and an intuitive artist. Perfectly bilingual English/Spanish. The kind of person that ignites my creativity as a Director. She jumps into character with laser precision...A fellow artist and collaborator. A gem.”

JORDI ORTEGA, VO and On-Camera Director at TORO BRAVO


Never Erase Me - by Kissing Violet

All Vocals: Elia Saldana

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Believe - by Elia Saldana & Rachael Lawrence

Vocals: Elia Saldana

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Rebel - by D. Vaughn & Elia Saldana

All Vocals: Elia Saldana

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Best Medicine - by Kissing Violet

All Vocals: Elia Saldana

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Llama de Amor - in Spanish

All Vocals: Elia Saldana

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Elia on MySpace Music:

Debut demo album Black and White on CDBaby:

Album review:

Musicians Elia has worked with:

Shadmehr Aghili

Shadmehr's Boghz video featuring Elia Saldana's vocals:

David Vaughn and Kissing Violet

Kissing Violet's Feel the Disease Bizenghast video featuring Elia Saldana:

Rachael Lawrence

Melanie Bomar

Music sequence from the film I Want the Dandelion by Scott Stubbe, featuring Elia Saldana:

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